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Hey Ryan,

Don’t think we are against you, we’re for you man. I know exactly where you are coming from. I was very involved in the Rave scene in the early/mid 90′s. I traveled to cities from Chicago, in Florida, and everywhere in between selling drugs. I also got caught up in various cultic practices or witchcraft per say such as I Ching and casting Runes. I was very caught up in the New Age spirit which was the same one as the counter culture movement in the 60′s. We thought we were part of something powerful that was going to change the world as we waited for the age of aquarius to be ushered in. It was a great deception from the evil one.

Long story short, I had to serve some time in jail and that is where I entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. After I got out I became part of a church and was being taught much about the Lord. I was so zealous! I was bringing a lot of my old friends to church. This was a good thing but I really didn’t have a solid foundation of faith and character laid in my heart yet. Eventually the enemy used this inroad as a way to lure me back into the Rave scene. So after a short time I ended back into the thick of things. Father literally saved my life here on this earth by allowing me to be arrested. Ended up in prison facing charges that would make most people wet themselves and was delivered from that only having to serve 13 1/2 months. I didn’t turn in anyone I just trusted the Lord. After that I didn’t listen to any Electronic dance music because I figured it was “the devil’s music”. And I believe I needed to separate myself from that for a while as well as breaking off those previous relationships. A year or so later I was in a christian bookstore with a huge music selection and I saw the cover of a CD and I knew it was EDM! I asked if I could listen to it. I asked the Lord about it and he said, “Music does not belong to the evil one. I created it for my glory. The evil one has only perverted what I have made. He does not have the power to create only to decieve.” I thought it was crappy Techno but it was christian and I was encouraged so I bought it. It eventually led me to Tastyfresh.com where I met other believers who have a passion for EDM and I started practicing DJing.

That’s the beauty of sites like this one. It wasn’t like I had all these christian friends that where into EDM like me. I got encouragement from others. Did I or do I always agree with everyone? No. But do I benefit by being a part of these online communities? You bet! So be encouraged brother. We are standing with you and are excited about what the Lord is doing in your life. We are glad to have you a part of this community. This should be a safe place to ask hard questions, seek answers/opinions, and get support. We are blessed to have you here.