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mmm yes i agree. when i said environment i was referring to things like meditation and chanting and garbbage like that. but, i think it is possible to study a martial art (or teach) and not use the aspects of spirituality that can come along with them. some arts, in fact, have no connection to any kind of spiritual background. most do, but some don’t. chinese arts in particular must be scrutinized if you are interested in them. they are heavily connected to buhddism. another thing to that should be remembered is that english translation and interpretation of many of the arts is not always accurate. “martial art” for example, should be more accurately translated to “body art” or “body science” when considering many of the japanesse arts. and, many of the arts refer to a spiritual aspect of the art, when all they are really and honestly focusing on is a “mental” aspect. they call it spiritual because they think it is (based on many eastern religions) but it’s simply mental preperation. for example. i study ninjutsu, actually an ancient form of it, and before class we always what my teacher calls “meditate”. now i went into this class with the thought that if i saw anything that was leading to a spiritual (in the sense christians understand spiritual) aspect, i was out the door. well, meditation in my class is simply, and only, 30 secs of controlling your breathing. many law enforcement academys and even the military teach this, known as combat breathing. other than that….meditation in my class means nothing. so that is an example of the environment the art is taught in.

but yes, to sum it up, i agree that you have to be VERY careful when deciding to study a martial art. and, if it becomes something that consumes you as a person, it might not be heathly for you in that aspect either.