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Hey everyone. Thought I’d drop by and contribute to this….Honestly, I think everyone’s really said it all. Chris was a great guy with good intentions in everything he did. You always knew where his heart was. I wish I had just a little bit of the faith he had.

If any of you read my post on tastyfresh about Chris, then you all know what I’m about to say. Chris’ situation with cancer reminded me a lot of my father, and I saw a lot of the way my father handled his cancer in Chris. Unfortunately, both situations had the same results. The good thing is, in both situations, I know the ultimate results. It honestly brings a tear of jealousy to my eye to know they’re both with The Father now, enjoying the fellowship we all hope to have one day.

It’s also important for us to look at things we can learn from Chris’ life. First and foremost, put God first in EVERYTHING you do, keeping your intentions pure and your heart open. Secondly, thank God for EVERYTHING you have, because without God, we have nothing. Lastly, be considerate to your brothers and sisters in Christ, because we all represent EVERYTHING Christ’s love stands for.

Our walk is our witness, and there’s no questioning Chris’ walk.