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Adam and I are back from Kansas.
What an amazing service remembering the life of Chris Salisbury.

Everyone will know him as dj404 and in fact he was dressed in that shirt for his viewing.

People came from all over to show their respects. Chris’s youth pastor was there, family and there were tributes from 2 friends.

The after celebration was fantastic. Chris’s snore was remembered as well. I even played the track I created called “Snore-oh-Four”. I captured Chris’s sleeping ‘anthem’ one night at a dj fellowship and sampled it in a song. I’ll upload it soon for anyone who would like to download it.

I played Chris’s Deep Inside track and a few other tracks he loved. We had a few other dj’s come out like Ethan B, DJEX4 and others.

Chris would have smiled to see all his friend show up and those well wishers that couldn’t make it.

At 34 years old he lived a pretty amazing life.

Please continue to keep Crystal in your prayers as she is going to have to learn many new things she put in the trusting hands of Chris.

We got to visit Chris’s former job – CD Tradepost and I can see why he loved that job.

I can certainly see why Chris missed southern California. Rural life of Osage is quite a difference from the busyness of So Cal.

I took some video of the service and the after celebration. I’ll see if those who went can get some pics to me.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers and help through this time of grief.

Mourning will turn into dancing soon.

From Crystal Salisbury: This is his wife and I just want to say to all of Chris’ friends how grateful I am to know how much you all loved him and were faithful in prayer. His journey is now over and he ran the race with endurance and is now present with his Lord. Thank you all for your friendship over the years.