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The Roman Catholic broke off from the Holy Tradition in 1054 officially but it actually started in the 7th century. The point is clearly made by your comment that protestants see no further than the Roman Catholic Church because that is where we broke off, and broke off, and broke off, and continue to break off, and break off, etc. My friend, the apostles faith, doctrine, and tradition which was passed from them from Jesus and there is an unbroken line if one is willing to put forth the effort and search. We are products of a western mindset but adhere to scriptures that were written with eastern minds. Today with Postmodernism running rampant there is an open door like never before. The western grid is losing its appeal which will give way to coming back to the ancient faith which is an organism not an institution. As Malachi stated with the very words of God, “Before that great and terrible day of the Lord I will send the prophet Elijah. I will turn the hearts of the father’s to the children and the hearts of the children to the father’s….” Christians want to go back to the true faith. It has been passed on but our view to this as protestants has been eschewed.

Lutherans and Calvinists also killed one another as well, by the way.

It bugs me that our generation gets their bvd’s in a wad when one mentions tradition. Do you celebrate communion? How about marriage? Have you had anyone lay hands on you for healing? Have you ever been a part of the congregation as someone has been set in as a Pastor, Elder, or Deacon? Do you believe in the Trinity? These are part of tradition. It doesn’t mean you can’t bang techno or wear baggy pants. There is something that was meant to be passed down from the time of our Lord Jesus that is precious. Great men & women who loved the Lord more than their own lives gladly laid their lives on the altar for these traditions so they they would be passed on for generations until the glory of the Lord covers the Earth.

“Traditionalism is the dead faith of living men (you have every right to abhor this), tradition is the living faith of dead men (this you should honor)”