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I would confess to a minister you are in relationship with or if you don’t have that you can always confess to a trusted friend who is a believer in Christ. If you confess to the law, know that the state of (wherever you are from) is a little more hardnosed and unwilling to forgive with our recompense.

There are basically two aspects of prayer. Contemplation on the Divine or a contemplation on our short comings, our faults, our unworthiness. We need both. For when we are in despair about our sin we have hope knowing that Christ came to heal mankind of that. Our Father in Heaven is a loving God who wants us to be cured of sin’s sickness. The thing about prayer that some don’t realize is that God already knows what we need before we ask. Does this mean we should not pray? NO! It only means that in proper prayer and reflection we are moved into His will by asking what He has already provided for us. It isn’t that we move God for He is unchangeable, unmovable, not one that He should repent, but are moved ourselves into what He has called us to be.

If you want healed then you need to confess. Read the last part of James. It’s painful but most of the time our healing does not come without a price or cost. However, a little shame or swallowing of ones pride is a lot cheaper than the alternative.