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What happens if you only confess to God is that it becomes a pillow confession. How many times have you cried out for forgiveness in the night only to wake up still chained to the same addictions. When you submit to another fellow christian and confess your sin you are confessing to God. His grace works through the person as you humble yourself. Now your brother/sister is compelled to walk with you through this as well.

HUGE point there! As one who has come from a history of addiction, confessing only to God does little to encourage and help you overcome the power of the addiction. Sin–especially habitual or addictive sin–is at it’s heart an issue of pride: I want more than I want to please God. *I* come first. It’s easy to look up at the ceiling and say “I’m sorry, God. Please forgive me.” However, if you confess to another person, you have to look them in the eye, humble yourself, and admit your wrongdoing. The humbling is key.

That said, choose carefully who you confess to. If you’re fighting an addiction, confessing to another, unrecovered addict is a very bad choice. You’ll most likely find yourself simply having someone else to help you rationalize and minimize your sin. But you should find someone that can relate on some level. I once confessed my addictive behavior to someone who had no experience with addiction and thought that addicts of any sort were just wusses who needed to suck it up and work harder. That didn’t go so well, and I never repeated that mistake.

Transparency with a fellow Christian also is a wonderful reason to confess our sins to one another. There’s nothing more freeing and burden-lifting in a human relationship than having someone who knows the worst about you and loves you anyway. It also helps you care less about what people think of you in general.