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After watching that video I felt like less of a man :lol:
It’s just Owl City, sounding like sissy boy music, but all joking aside. Great vocals, you happen to sound a lot like Adam Young with the background vocals. I think the electro bass could use some more high end. Also the low end sound a little weak. The kick could probably use some more eq/compression. Sometimes some of the tracks seem to pop out like it could use some more compression. I also think that the track could use some more clarity like maybe some more high end and maybe some low pass filters. Keep the pads/string sounds out of the way of the kick and bass, that will help keep the low end clean sounding. Overall the track sounds nice but I just have some nitpicking. If you don’t have some professional electro tracks, try getting some. Then compare your mix with professional ones. Does it compare in frequency, quality, volume levels? Does your track seem muddy or dull compared to professional tracks? If you mix hold up to professional ones, then you are on the right track.

God bless bro!