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I love the look of Just the plain cross and headphone logo and would like to put a 6″ size copy of it on my car. I have been boasting about the rise of Christian electronic music to our youth church (River of Life Alliance Church which we call the youth service NextGEN Church) and would like to show of my love for it. With the energy and excitement that electronic music stirs, I am VERY excited to see a Christian stream of it. Well thats the whole plan, Just a logo on a car. I do like the look of the other bumber stickers but they’re just not what suits my car, the sleek black simple vector based image is what I really fell in love with the moment I visited this sight, thats the one I want.

Ohh and its great with these new android based phones as I can access the radio stream where ever I go. Some of the youth love to listen to it with me when we are meeting or just hanging out. You guys are surely loved from up here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.