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Nickel, I have listened to your tracks. You said you wanted an honest assessment of them, so here goes, but keep in mind that this is coming from someone who is only a listener. What I know about producing would fit on the tip of my finger:

You described their production as a stepping stone, and as a stepping stone, I’d say they were awesome. They have a kind of retro feel to them that I thought was very cool, but to my ears (and it could just be my speakers) the sound occasionally seemed a bit high and harsh. One thing I noticed as I listened though which I thought was great, was that although each track maintains its own separate identity and uniqueness, the album plays almost like a set. I say that because aside from the blending from song to song that a mix would have, the album as a whole carries its ambiance from one track to the next, each one tweaking the feel in its own way without disrupting the flow of the whole.

I understand your desire to produce superior quality music. I would feel the same way in your place, and I don’t believe you’re being arrogant by saying so, either (being arrogant would be saying that you were the best ;) ). Doesn’t the Bible call us to excellence to the best of our ability in everything we do so that we can provide a positive example to the world?

As to whether or not you should continue this as a ministry, you already know that we can’t answer that for you. Looking to us for feedback is one thing, and I’m happy to give it, but validation of your ministry should come directly from God. I agree with Tony in that you should wait on the Lord’s guidance. If this what He wants you doing, He’ll make sure you know it… when He’s ready for you to.

Perhaps for now, you should just take the pressure off yourself and do what you can with what you have now simply because it’s what you love. Offer it up as praise to God, because truly, whether or not someone is ministered to by what you do is in the hands of the Lord anyway, isn’t it?

Every word spoken in love.

~wanders off to go wrestle the evil one for the soul of her man~