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I’d like to hear your tracks but I don’t know where they are. Is there a chance that you can put up the links here?

I know what you mean. I’ve been dealing with the same thing. “Should I or should I not pursue”, like David asked God in 1 Samuel 30:8. Different set of circumstances but a question of guidance nevertheless…

The conclusion that I have come to is that I should only do what I am 100% sure to do at this moment – and for me that is study (I am in bible school and taking a correspondence course from Streams Ministries) and be with God. Talk things over with Him, and only start doing what what you are sure about, what has been settled with Him. Discuss the word with Him, especially what relates to EDM and the paralels with the Davidic tabernacle (very relevant). This is where I see the first biblical rave for God come into place, since the retreival of the Ark (see what it is, what it represents and how it relates to us today – the paralels, the message, the Spirit of it…)

You may have many other questions, the important thing is to resolve all the foundational aspects about the issue(s) first and then go on from there…

It even starts before discussing EDM. It can even start with hearing God. Knowing the word. Worship (For me, worship isn’t much of an issue because I can worship in multiple forms, but that also comes into it – even if EDM died today I’d still worship). The expression of the heart to Him. The expression of spirit, soul and body. Then, the purpose, the vision, the mission…

In the meantime, keep the hobby if you like, but before taking the dive, I’d say – settle it with God first, let Him guide you, let Him take you on the trip, and then as He wills, share it with us and eventually, tell it to the world…

It is more about the journey then it is about the destination. A journey does imply a destination however, but it’s the walk that defines the whole thing in the end…and His faithfulness and goodness is what sustains it!

Just some thoughts…