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Travis , Brother you always bring the Scriptures. Thank You in Advance :)
Ah, i need some help with Goldwave. Got 2 Bible Studies I would like to get mastered. I recorded them with Sound Recorder and the quality is not good enough to mix into Live Sets. Last night After Study I downloaded Goldwave and tryed to tweak the sound. (Hopefully in the future I can record with Goldwave and get a better sound)

As far as what has already been recorded. i tryed quite a few different tools last night on goldwave and could not grip it. time was of the essence. you know how i do , raising 2 kids and being married. the family is my 1st Ministry so time is not always available.

If you would help out, maybe skype this evening? Also, we have another file in the drop box that is a wierd format, i need to get it converted to wma or mp3, the sound quality i think is good enough for live sets. would like to get this accomplished before the 29th of Oct to drop Live in KC.

Also going to use the Bible Studies in Promo Mixes to give to a grip of local churches here in central IA. Hoping to set up some outreachs very soon. been slow going, been in prayer for a long time and God has told me the above needs to be accomplished before the next step.

Hit me up tonight if you would. We Love You Brother
God Bless You.