Re: Demon Trap (Trance)

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All music follows a certain set of rules, each rulebook is called a “genre”. For example, in Classical SATB choir music, you are not allowed to have parallel fifths.

Electronic genres also have rules that must be followed in order to be pleasing to the ear. These rules are formed out of years of acquiring certain tastes. A Bbdimadd9 would not sound nice to us because we are not accustomed to it.

For trance, one needs to remember to have the kick on the first beat with the base line on the off beat. This speeds the song up without making it sound too cluttered.

Also, there are certain chord progressions to follow, this is once again based on years of becoming familier with certian conventions in music. A certain expectation is created. If expectency is violated then the peice will lack flow. Use expectancy violation sparingly as it could be a powerful effect.