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yea thanks guys.. I guess my biggest problem is how do I get my heart and head to work together… I write a lot of poetry and It’s difficult to not be a Hippocrate cause my tounge always gets tied and I don’t know the right words to say.. there was a time when I was a hardcore christian and I didn’t smoke. or drink or anything.. I just fell so hard and there was a list of events (that I wont get into) that lead to my “fall from grace” but I guess that just builds character.. really believe it or not when I smoke pot I pray it’s just that it’s illegal and that makes me paranoid. I’m already a diagnosed skitzo/bipolar so it’s difficult… I suppose I need the fellowship and that’s what is bringing me down.. some times I feel like I am just awaiting death like an old man in an old folks home abandoned by his family but I know that’s not true.. I know God has a plan for my life.. I’m just stumbling around hoping to catch a break.. The vibe in my heart is so strong that sometimes I can’t connect it to my mouth and I end up “babeling”… If I had the opportunity to sing with a band ( christian music) and they could teach me how to read music that would light me up like a Christmas Tree.. so until then I’m just beat adtic with.. a heart for god…