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well it looks like these guys did a good job of speaking truth but i want to say a few things that weren’t mentioned yet. 1. well the bible doesn’t talk about drugs, i do believe that, whether it is sin or not, its not Gods will for you to be addicted. a slave to a feeling or chemical or feeling. the very fact that you feel convicted that it is NOT gods will for you to do drugs is conformation of this!
2. i know there is some controversy on this issue, but i believe that you cant count out demonic possession! there is nothing in the bible that says that christian’s cannot be possessed. now i really dont want to start a theological debate. but the truth is i have known and seen Christians that were delivered from demons. on of them was my best friend. he was a born again christian and lover of jesus. but he had a really hard time following god all the time. he would be doing great on moment and the next he was hopeless again. he struggled with the same sin and addiction over and over again. but that is not all! i didnt find out until later, but he was hearing voices in his head!!! just like you are talking about! well to make a long story short. he ended up being deliverd of like 9 demons! it happened when once it we were praying for him and he started shaking and manifesting. the voices started telling him what to say and after a while started SPEAKING FOR HIM, his voice changed and everything. now i don’t want to cause fear. remember, in Jesus we have the power over demons. i am just trying to say that you cant rule it out. if you really think you have been possessed, seek god on what to do, maybe find a church that believes in the demonic and is willing to pray with you for deliverance. now, all this to say that it is a POSSIBILITY!. it is also possible that it is just a medical condition and your struggles are against your own self. i am just saying that from my experience you don’t want to take that chance( my church’s ministry has had a LOT of practice in deliverance, all non mistakenly demonic ) REMEMBER!!! if you ask god to give you wisdom and understanding on this, HE WILL!!! the bible promises it! i have seen god come through in situations like your time and time again, DON’T LOSE HOPE!!! you can do all things in CHRIST who strengthens you!!!