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I would have to agree, believers cannot be demon possessed, if they are truely saved. But, I do think there is some weight to demon “opression”. This is of coarse the affects of our daily choices and lifestyles, I believe this is were alot of conflict and depression come from. We choose to do certain things in our lives wich allows the enemy access to us in certain ways. While we have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us, we still have a fallen mind wich needs the “washing of the water by the word” on a day to day basis. Now, this is not to say that one choice made for the first time will allow some huge enemy stronghold. I am talking about a string of choices over and over. Say, using unclean speech in our daily lives, this could definately open doors for the enemy to hit us and take us down.

Well, i will leave that two cents at the door post.