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Support from your family (both home and church family) is probably one of the best things anyone can have when you have an addiction of any sort.

I myself am an ex heroin addict, I only managed to pull myself away from that terrible stuff when I began getting my mother to help me. Ultimately it took some very severe actions to help me, and at the time I hated the things they had to do (Mum barricaded me into a bedroom for weeks, only opening the door when I was sleeping to slide in food and drinks), but in the end it worked, and once I was back to my regular self I looked back over the destruction I caused from it and could see that even though they essentially took me hostage, it was done out of love.

My suggestion would be speak to your mum about your weed issues, ask her to do simple reminders for you, let her check what your spending money on, arrange activities with friends and family that doesn’t involves lighting up, find an activity that will give you the same relaxation you crave from weed but which doesn’t have the negative effects.

Weed can and generally does bring up paranoia problems, low mood and motivation, and various other psychological problems.

One extra piece of advice is also that if you don’t buy it, you can’t smoke it. Sounds stupidly simple but it works. Instead of buying weed, buy some equipment, buy some vinyl, buy an xbox game, buy some clothes, anything which is useful day to day that would limit the amount of spare money you have available for weed.

In my prayers fella, good luck and God bless!