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I have to disagree with those people out there that say if you have the Holy Spirit then you can’t be bothered by demons. That’s the biggest lie on the planet. The bible clearly has true men of God, struggling daily and alot with there desires and thoughts and what not. Sure I also believe that God can and does bless us with a true and HUMBLE spirit. I have huge doubts about people that say they have the Holy Spirit and yet appear to me to be avioding some reality or are arrogant. I’ll tell you the truth…I have the Devil alot….he whispers around me. and tries to trick me with a lot of disgusting things and what not….I also hear other spirits and things like that…..I could go to another level of truth but I’ll leave things here for now. So in terms of this demonic possession stuff….ou are absolutely not alone. I struggle with that as well…..and yes I used to do drugs. So that probably is the biggest reason I’m thinking…..could be other things like beliefs as well, I’ve studied Scientology for example, and I have found Some things to be true. But that Science. And actually he (L. Ron Hubbard) does beleive in God or the Infinite…he just doesn’t call him Yehowah like it do. But hang in there my friend, you are not a lone. And actually to go a step further….you say you are a christian, so you proclaim that with you mouth….then I am absolutely here for you as much as possible. You can call me anytime. I’ll do what I can. 213-769-3941 562-696-6253 My name is Andre.