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I think that my mind is haunted.. I am not sure I’d call it total demonic possession but what I will call it is a demonic haunting. They say if you are a Christian you cannot be demon possessed, but my poor brain has just completely lost touch with the real christian lifestyle. I think it’s a matter of putting God first. And apparently I am not doing that. I smoke pot, cigarettes and drink on occasion so this could be the reason I feel so out of touch. Let it be known that i PLAN ON QUITTING, all of those things it’s just that the addiction has a hold of me and I cannot quite get a grip on the reality of Christ. I read my bible and I pray.. So it’s like I don’t know what to do other than just go to Church with my mom and try to steer clear of doing stupid stuff.

Any Advice is welcome…

no one who is of God can be demon possessed, you can be inflenced, but not possessed. I have stared demons face to face in the past, I know what they can do first hand. When I was battling demonic influences, I was suffering from critical anxiety and doubt. You need to call unto God for your salvation (in the current sense) God will not let one of his children fall that fully put his or her trust in Him.

You come from a place of brokeness, but in this, God can use you. God dethrones the proud and exhalts the meek. You foot may have slipped in the past, but you now have the Omnipotent on your side,

On a side note, I have seen a possesion, one of my friends told me about it, be has the gift of decernment. It seemed nothing strage to me, I thought it was just Bipolar Disorder with Epilepsy and a bad case of Anxiety, but my friend assured me that this person really was possessed.