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These two sermons help me get fired up with putting God first. It’s something as a new Christian I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with. Temptation doesn’t go away when someone becomes a Christian, and the enemy will never stop attacking. Whenever I stumble and give in to temptaions i feel that gap, but remember being a Christian isn’t about being perfect, but about loving Christ and putting Him first before anything else in your life.

Get on your knees, beg for mercy, and pray pray pray! I’ll do the same for you! Don’t be afraid to reach out. Lots of churches I’ve been to have life groups or accountability groups that would be extremely helpful.

I don’t know exactly where you are on your walk with God, it’s important to remember that we cannot overcome sin and temptaion on our own strength. Throw your pride out the window and tlet God take over.

I hope this makes sense :s