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@JBrad- good advice man.

Something else that may help you is to get yourself into some good patterns/habits. Set aside a time when you wake up to read and pray. Even if it is only for a few minutes. Starting your day with a prayer of thanksgiving, asking for direction, and reading a scripture or two can dramatically change your day. Also, make a list of the habits that you get into that aren’t promoting positive growth in your life. Try to replace those things by attending a life group or small bible study like mentioned before. I was addicted to drugs and crime. It was hard to break those patterns myself even though I tried to pursue God. Power really came when I started developing relationships of accountability with other christians who could help me in my walk with Jesus. Also, there seems to be something about service that helps as well. It’s the giving of yourself and expecting nothing in return that starts to break the selfish behavior that addicts are rampant with. Hope this helps.