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Monster Baby, I get your concern and understand the place you’re at right now in my own way.

Man, sometimes what we preach at people comes from way out in left field, but I know these guys have the right heart. What they said is pretty good, but I’m thinking it’s not quite on point with you, or you would have come back with a praise report or something.

When I read what you said, my sister came to mind. She and I had a very similar conversation since (name not used to protect the innocent) had occasionally smoked pot and smoked cigarettes.

Basically she felt that she must not be Christian because she smokes pot and its a drug. She couldn’t allow herself to have any interaction with God while she was high, because she felt so wrong about it. If I may be so bold as to say, …drugs are just a thing! Drugs are used for good. They’re used for evil. They’re used for recreation. They’re used for ill behavior. The intent here is the heart of the matter.

Now that we have that out. Yes, allow it to just get out of your system. The notion that the drug use itself is sin. Tell me something. How is it that alcohol kills far more people and yet it’s this very thing, worse than pot IMHO, that Jesus turned water into – just for a party. Yes – a party. Wedding receptions are parties. Jesus partied. No, Jesus parties. I believe He loves to party with us too. Enthusiasm – a very interesting word – God within. Enthusiasm is a form of fun or enjoyment. Perhaps I digress.

The point is, that by telling you that the addiction is the sin, you are trapped and find it even harder to allow the Holy Spirit to teach you all things. Most theology would probably scoff at this suggestion I imagine, but as I’ve studied and come to understand Gods word and heart, he isn’t interested in outward appearances, but in sharing His love directly with your own heart. I really wish this would be the emphasis more often with any outreaches.

In the case of my sister, who well, if you caught the key-phrasing, couldn’t allow herself to interact with God. She went to church too. She even hears from Him about important choices in her life, and about others. She beat herself up over this though. I think IMHO, for no other reason than the bombardment of the very notion that drugs equal sin.

Let me say, that I don’t do drugs anymore, I don’t advocate them being used excessively, but I don’t like condemning anyone that does it. Even if they are Christian. It simply isn’t for me to decide it. It’s not for me, but I might do some again when I’m 100 years old just for kicks lol.

Making a long story a bit shorter, after pleading with my sister to stop beating herself up, and just accept that maybe God wants communion with her at any time whether sober, high, or indifferent, she began to feel that God loves her more than caring about a substance and it’s supposed sinful ramifications.

After a few weeks she told me that she opened up and used her high times to be with God on High, and had communion with Him again. She has some pretty awesome times with Him now.

While there’s a whole huge set of things that could be discussed about drugs, and their compatibility with Christianity, there is one thing I would like to remind us of. We as humans, even the best of us, and most christianly Christians, still commit the most basic sins – ones of thoughts in our hearts, which no one can judge but God to have happened in the first place. Jesus told us this and people always want to elaborate more on the sins that are so obvious because they are visible.

Jesus spoke of sins yes. He died for us and took them yes. Talked mostly about sins all day long – NO, He did and does not. He taught us that love covers a multitude of sins. We ought to take home from that, one simple thing: let’s Love.

By even speaking of sin nearly is trying to trump the importance of love, and by not loving, it is such a cold room to be in.

You’ve got to see the message by now. Love conquers all. The very possibility of communion with Him is because of Love. It’s not about being pure and sinless before entering into communion anymore. That’s old hat man. God knows that to change us into ever perfect beings, he’s got to start with dirt! He had that rule in the old testament already knowing that NOBODY qualified.

By trying to qualify others or our own selves, we miss the opportunity we have to Love. God is Love. It would stand to reason then, that loving is pretty important, and by definition is higher than the rules that keep mankind separated from that Love. From God.

So if you take something away from your time spent on this forum, please let it be that all those things you listed are conquered by Love if they even are such that needed to be conquered. Just let God do His thing. His own process in our life is refining. It burns out what He isn’t gonna have for us as we love Him and let Him share love in us.

Don’t be afraid to approach Him in your worst state. In your best state. In any frame of mind. It’s far better to think and dwell on Him than the fact that you have drugs in your brain. He owns the particles that your brain is made of and could certainly make you sober if He wanted.

Some Christian ministries even seek out a non-substance related “holy high”. It is almost begging the question – what difference is it? I think the difference should be God’s love, which if your heart comes to the right place, I believe even if you’re using drugs or alcohol, you would still find.

A lot of folks would claim that once the “power of Christ” hits you, you immediately lose all desire to sin and might even have to speak in tongues or something. I don’t claim that this notion is wrong, but I’d say there’s surely an exception to the rule, because not every true believer instantly has such a transformation. From my own experience, and many on this forum would say so as well, God leads us through a journey and a process. It’s probably long. We shouldn’t try and make any promises here. It’s probably painful and very unpleasant. Just being real with you. It has rewards though. Tangible rewards for our present life. Yes eternal too, but those who endure hardships get something in return. It’s a cause and effect. I won’t and can’t even suggest what it is for you. Be creative. Entertain the imagination God gave you. What He’s got in store for you, He might just inspire in your heart.

So coming full circle back to the HEART, there’s a reason it’s got that silly shape that really looks nothing like a heart organ. It’s symbol has come to be known as and represent love.

I’m sure you understand that there are many loves. Many kinds. Use your heart and imagination – seek the meaning of the kinds of love God wants and is. We are invited to, not coerced, and that is how He loves us and wants us to love.

I think you are actually a cool person to grace us with your words on this forum. I don’t think you are insane, or crazy, or demon perzessed/perplexed/troubled etc. I <3 you brah. You are at peace, and in harmony with God and you know who you are and where you stand. You are absolutely welcome here at our forums, and free to join in on any discussion.

I hope to talk with you more as you do, and get to know how cool you are, and what the things are that make you unique and interesting, and how come you became interested in us here at Gods DJs forum.