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Reading back over what I wrote, it does sounds really works-based. I do think that the things that I said are valid, but they are only part of the picture. JHT3 is right that you need to cling to God’s love. As Christians, we do need to address areas of sin in our lives, but not because we think God hates us.

When I do things that hurt my wife, I don’t try hard to change because she’s mad at me. It’s because I love her, don’t want to hurt her, want to have an intimate relationship with her, and want to seek her good. That should be our motivation in addressing sin in our lives: we love God and want to be intimate with Him.

At the same time, if we don’t seek God’s love and closeness with Him, we’ll not have the power, or maybe even the desire, to rid ourselves of our sin. If I have a distant relationship with my wife, I’m going to care much less about the things I do that hurt her.

An additional thing that’s true about our relationship with God, beyond my spouse example, is that we need God’s power to overcome our sin. “White knuckling” doesn’t work for long, if at all. The website http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com teaches that, if we drink from a pure spring (finding our satisfaction in Christ), we won’t want muddy water from a broken cistern (trying to get satisfaction from carnal things).