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dude… really?

Well…’private’ trackers are torrent sites that only allow ‘members’ to enter. It’s their way of ensuring that files are accurate, legitimate and high quality. Qualifications can be steep (some you have to maintain an equal or even higher ratio of uploads to downloads). They aren’t all illegal file-sharing sites either. While most of them do infringe on copyrights, many are simply ‘back up copies’ of applications. I’ve seen software on ExtremeShare.org like games that don’t have cracks, or serial key generators, etc. Actually, they ban you if you ask for a crack or if you post a hacked copy of anything. It’s ‘supposed’ to be for people who already own the software legally, and don’t have their disc anymore. I guess. There is, however, a lot of E-Books and music though on them… ;)
Torrentech.org is the biggest private tracker (torrent site) for Electronic Music. You name it… it’s there. Unreal