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sorry I haven’t responded to this thread in so long. Just to answer THEOD earlier: no, I didn’t get permission from any of them even though I sent multiple emails to any/all contacts I could find (publishers/labels/artists themselves). Fact is, I had NO response whatsoever from any of them. I didn’t receive notification of any ‘bounced’ or bad mail either, so I assume that whoever read the mail simply deleted it. Odd, because I specifically went through the trouble of requesting ‘mechanical licenses’ for each track.
In hindsight, I’m completely “pee oh’d” with the industry in that regards and I’ll never do another ‘unofficial’ remix again. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is out there. I could rant awhile about the letter I received from Fox Films in which they outright told me their policy is to refuse all requests. (So what’s the point in asking). In a letter from DISNEY Sample Clearance, they wrote “we have had to establish a general policy of non-cooperation with requests of this nature.”
Wow… a whole staff of people that must stamp “DENIED” on each and every request that comes pouring over the faxlines, the mail rooms, and the email servers every hour…that’s the policy! That’s pretty blatant!

Especially when the industry DEMANDS that we not steal from them…that we ASK for permission first!… and yet, admittedly, they confess to a NO-ONE-GETS-PERMITTED policy which makes any effort quite pointless.

In response to djsoulchaser:

I really think there is something to be said for this style as it is familiar to your average worshiper and can bring them into some other EDM.

Bang-on, man! Exactly what I was thinking by remixing the tunes the way I did too. Notice it’s not really hard trance… I guess it’s more of a soft trance or beginner style! :D