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You got some good points brother. We shouldn’t live and spend our lives in vain. Also you can think of DJ as Disk Jockey, like a job description, then it’s not that bad, it would be like me calling myself a guitarist. Sure many of the most famous guitarists do the same things that the worldly djs do that you mentioned, but it’s not bad to be a guitarist.

I’m excited though for the music that will be created by Christians, original genres created by Christians under the inspiration of the Lord and not copying the world. This stuff though will probably be underground for the most part since the “Christian” music industry is basically run by the same system and spirits that comprise the secular music industry. You don’t need to look far to see that the same companies do both, and they do the same advertising, exploiting of artists, and the focus on image.

But we have the Lord and we can worship Him in Spirit and Truth. I got excited the other day in prayer when I was impressed that I can come to the Lord, and He will lead me into producing music that is in Spirit and Truth. As the scripture says keep back from every form of evil. God Bless brother, the Lord rules over all, and will own the worship that is to Him!!!