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Whoda, welcome to the site man. I am really excited actually to have you here challenging this and asking why. It doesnt seem to make sense to you and thats great! I think these questions should be asked by everyone but maybe for yourself think about these.

Why do you Dj?
What do you want to achieve as a Dj?
Where do you get the standards that says you have accomplished the things you want as a Dj?

I dj because I believe that dance is powerful. I believe that God provides a spirit in dance that achieves many things. (I wont list them all here)

What I want to achieve is worship. What that looks like I sometimes do not know. But I also believe that Christ is the way the truth and the light, so that makes my goal be about Him.

The standards that I set for myself as a Dj come from my belief that God is real, and what is said in the Bible is true.

Now everyones answer to these questions is gonna be different, but the answer to these 3 questions is relative to what you believe life is really about.

No one on this site has “it” all figured out. In fact anyone here will probably admit that they dont, but we try together. We encourage each other to pursue God and pursue what they want to do with their music. Its really an amazing thing that is going on here.

I really hope that you will keep coming back and keep challenging us as to what this all means!

Also, just check out this video. This is DJ Cesar V, djing at a church in Bogata, Comlumbia. This is worship, it may look like a druggie party that we may be used to, but this is a church, worshipping God.