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Andy Hunter, Greg “Stryke” Chin, Topher Jones, Kyle Geiger, Joel Armstrong, Tim Richards, Kenneth Thomas are just a few names who are christian who have spun for huge corporate gigs, VH1, Opened for Tiesto on his tour, called breakout techno artist of the year by Adam Beyer, doing Remixes for artists like Deadmau5 and others on that level, and the list goes on….

I have made over 20,000K in one year at a residency at a club a few years ago, played with national christian acts like The Elms, Fireflight, and KJ52, and I write music reviews for tastyfresh.com for new tracks that labels send in. I was going to underground parties when you were in elementary school watching African Bambatta, Ritchie Hawtin, Paul Johnson, etc. I experienced the Rave Scene not a post rave club scene.

I mainly use my skills as a DJ to minister to youth. I occasionally play at clubs but that isn’t really my focus. This site is mainly where christian DJ’s can encourage one another to do that which God has called them to.

I wonder if you weren’t raised in a Christian home or got burnt by people in Church? I think the Holy Spirit may have led you here to help you find your purpose in this life. I can tell you this: your purpose is greater than what you’ve been doing. So before you start getting slick at the mouth and start talking about flaming people why don’t you get to know some of us first. None of us did anything to you to bring a condensending attitude to these boards. The people on here are down to earth and care for one another. You could be one of those people cared for. I know how the scene is man. I lived it for years DJing and selling drugs. People who you think are your friends will be the ones that won’t accept your collect calls when you’re locked up.

We welcome questions man. Get in on some of the topics by all means. I’m sure you can bring a different perspective that could be a benefit to this site. But leave the ‘tude at the booty club man. We aren’t impressed by inflated egos.