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yes we do actually dj. small events right now but we are planning a 500 person event in may. i dont know if you’ve ever heard of Kenneth Thomas, Toper Jones, or Terrence Parker but they are all members and Christians and they play large venues all the time. For instance the Detroit Electronic Music festival 3.4 million ppl over 3 days… I used to run raves in Detroit for about 3-4 years and also spun at them too but since I turned my life back to the Lord I now spin for an entirely different reason.

Dance worship.

This is why all of us are here. To worship God with dance and dance music. I’ve been involved in the electronic music scene for over 20 years and I personally know the 8 – 10 guys who are credited with “founding of house / techno” music back in the mid – late 80s. Terreance Parker being one of them and he is a born again Christian spinning for God.

As to your point about dirty techno… really only about 10% if that of EDM is dirty and thats a much smaller % then any other forum of music on the planet. also, we make our own remixes of worship songs and produce our own original content.

i hope that answers some of your questions… sorry for mispelling… im typing fast