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Hey Graphite412,

Nice track. I wanted to give you some constructive feedback on it. I like the beginning and how it builds up into the 1st verse and then into the chorus. I think one of the things I didn’t like about the track is how the vocals of the song kept going without a logic break. This might be improved by putting in a small 16 bar instrumental break at around 2:28 and then going on with the 2nd verse. The breakdown at 3:46 is really nice! I think thought I liked the first version breakdown better. I think the snare comes in too quick on the revised version…..but then I like this new trance part that comes in here. This part could have benefited by coming in sooner in the song. I feel it goes on a little too much for my taste before the vocals come in again. And then again maybe a break after the 1st chorus if that’s possible. The ending of the song was a little weak not taking out elements one by one until all you are left with is the kick and snare and a hat or something. That would make it more DJ friendly of course for mixing into the next track. So thoughts are my thoughts.

I like the overall quality of the production. Decent mixing.

Hope that helps.