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I hesitate to weigh in on this issue, partly because I’m so ticked off with the record industry and partly because I’m an artist and can see the ‘other’ side.
Myself, I have been known to ‘nefariously acquire’ mp3′s especially in the NAPSTER days. I don’t download or buy a lot of music actually. And that’s because of the internet and online radio… it’s so much easier to hear music you like these days. (Just look at Grooveshark or Last.fm)

But this raises the whole point I think of the conversation… that records and CDs and the way the Record Industry does business is no longer relevent. Yet they ignore the movement and simply hope it’ll all be gone when they wake up tomorrow. They spend more time fighting the problem than they do implementing ideas and innovations that might lead to expanded opportunities.

I think the artists themselves haven’t really taken up the fight because they’ve already seen the extent of their earnings for their music. The record industry is the loser… they’re charging exorbitant amounts for the paper and plastic mediums they want to push, and they’re the ones losing the money when we download the latest release via bit torrent.

I simply cannot make myself care, or even believe that it qualifies as ‘stealing’. Sure, I see that it is technically illegal, but only because some big spending lobbyist with a self-seeking agenda ‘influenced’ the legislators to make a ruling to benefit them. That’s how it goes. If we as a culture had the same kind of influence and power, we could have forced the courts to make the law quite different, and indeed it is in other countries (like Canada). In other words, I find the “illegality” of downloading mp3s to be a weak argument as well. The issue should be … what should we be doing about the whole thing? What kind of things can the industry do to interest consumers again? I wish we could force them to get off their butts and DO something about it instead of just whining about the lost revenues.