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The point of labels or artists making very few copies is that it makes the album, song, or release rare…..jacking up the cost because its hard to find. If people start to DL them illegally, then the whole point of a “limited” release goes down the drain. If the track is good enough, something like this is worth it.

Example: Adam Freeland released a white label remix of Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (2002 or 2003, I think) He only made 1,000 copies. It was a big seller at first and went fast. People went to extreme lengths to find and buy the record. After a while though people realized that the track wasnt that good and the market became flooded with them and you could buy them anywhere for next to nothing. (Now this example is flawed because its a white label and there are not rights to it whatsoever anyway. But he still sold it and took profits)

If the track is good, it becomes a “good find”. And the track doesnt get played out, so it stays good. If now we are downloading them illegally because we cant find them, it no longer is rare and a “good find”. This industry has been doing this since the early 80′s. Other genres have been doing this since well before that.