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He spoke about dreams. That our dreams are hidden in the rubble of our UNbrokenness. Jesus’ story for christians is the biggest narcissitic story for us. What if ( which I love that question) Jesus didnt come to save us. What if he saved us to save others. What if his life meant we could have the freedom to live our dreams. But what if our dreams werent about us. What if our dreams really had to do with EVERY INDIVIDUAL WAS CRUCIAL TO GODS ULTIMATE PURPOSE. OUr “dreams or visions” for our life were meant to save others and werent really about US. How much do we say “well is that what God wants for me or is that Gods will for me? Are we concerned with ourselves or the lost? I have to say that I struggle with this a lot. Im constantly concerned with my life in Christ. But my life should be about others in Christ. I think my life would be a lot different if I thought like this. WHAT IF?

@sciencedrop wrote:

What he just spoke about has really been making me think a lot. Im praying that God will reveal more to me in this subject. I really feel like its important for me. Im glad to hear that you (djdunamis) have had this on your heart too. If you ever have any thoughts on this subject, please share. I need to learn more!

Seizing Your Divine Moment (or Chasing Daylight, both are same) think touch on the dreams subject.

I just went through a series at church called “Radical” and its about Radical abandonment for the Gospel. Brings to light, are we truly burdened for the lost and are willing to take the gospel to those that don’t know.

9/7 – 10/26 are the date ranges the series is done.

What’s been on your heart lately, been mine too in light of the Radical series and another event at our church called “Secret Church.”

As we grow closer, our desires, prayers and dreams more align that of Christ’s. It showed me as well, a verse that some tend to take out of context in John 14 where Jesus says pray for anything in my Name and I’ll do it. I think that comes with when we pray, its prayer for things God and Jesus desire.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg from what I’ve been learning lately. Past two months have been great.