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hmm that i know of the Bible really doesnt discuss sports very much so im not sure there is really any sports ethics material in the Bible…

I know the bible talks about sports like bow and arrow, running like in marathons and such in jeremy 12:5 and corinthians 9:24-26, swimming in Isaac 25:11 which are the basic sports then came the romans and made up sports related to these and the olympics were made for the first time and now u know how it is. The bible also talks about doing exercise and such but what i really want to now is like i mean like ethics we practice as christians that apply to sports like sportsmanship which is kinda realted to what Jesus said to love even ur enemies… things like that u know? Guys give it a try and let me know… its kinda tough thats why i need help…hehe…thanks and God Bless!