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hey bro, it’s a good thing that you have asked for godly counsel. I can understand where you are coming from. After the time of trial, if we persevere, our faith grows. A couple different things have helped me with what you are dealing with in terms of knowing God is real. One is because of my experiences, two is because of what I have learned.

I would really suggest to research stuff like creation science with teachers like Ken Ham and Lee Stroble. The Case of Faith, Case for a Creator, and Case for Christ really help to support our beliefs. You might also look into Christian apologetics of why Christ is the real deal.

Also do you fast? Fasting is a part of our Christian walk and maybe you should consider doing something like that.



There is tons of info on this site with videos.

A Science Journal put out my answers in genesis

All of this info is great stuff. I would also recommend to go to a congregation that is full of the Holy Ghost, not a lukewarm church. The fruit will bear witness to whether or not the place is bearing fruit. Hope this helps bro. Also remember that to everyone who believes in Christ, the Spirit of God will dwell in that individual, and the Holy Spirit will bear witness to Himself. Fellowship with the Spirit of God and pray in the Spirit, building up your most holy faith!

God Bless!!! :)