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Hey man, first off I just wanted to point out that it takes a lot of guys and wisdom to come to a place like this and ask for advice… especially at 16!

When I was 16 ( now almost twice that old ) I was saved but all I cared about was girls, skating, and video games… In that order too (:

The fact that you are concerned about your walk with the Lord is actually a very good and mature thing. Think about this… If you weren’t concerned about it and thought everything was how it should be then you’d actually be in trouble.

This means two things. First you care about it enough to ask for advice and second you’re hearing the Holy Spirit deal with you telling you to come closer. Both of these things are good.

The best advice I can give is keep pressing in. Don’t let whatever is going with your new church affect your closeness with God. Just keep pressing in and you’ll eventually get a break through!

Also… The thoughts and feelings you are having are totally natural and every single Christian in the world has them at some point in life… Just usually not till adulthood.

Sounds to me like your on the right path so keep it up.