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I would recommend having a more up front kick drum and percussion elements. I would not make it so up front to where the kick starts to sound trance like. This might actually be achieved by removing some of the low frequency from the pads instead of changing the kick itself. If you also keep some of the low mids around 100-300Hz out of the pads and give that to the bass, it would help give the track a better put together low end. I can’t really hear a bass; there is low frequency in the pads, but no distinct bass. Maybe you aren’t really thinking about that, but I would recommend to have a clear bass line. You might also watch the pans on the vocals, I would recommend having the vocals panned center if they are going to be singing by themselves for a while. I would also use more high frequency, like what you have at 2:47 with the white noise stuff. It would help your track to have more high frequency throughout the track. I would use a more in your face snare.

Some suggestions on the composition. I like the break drums at the beginning for this track. This is kind of a style that is used in ambient/downtempo/chillout. Towards the end you use more of a trance beat. I would try to stick to the break style for the tempo for your track. Maybe you like the way that you did that so it is just my personal taste. I also think that there are at least two ways that you can go with this track. It can go to a minimal type rock sound or more to an ambient electronica sound. Right now it sounds more like minimal type rock with auto tune vocals. By doing effects to the drums or changing out the samples, it would be easy to go over to the electronica side. You said this was a remix so maybe that would be the best place to take the track. Using more glitchy effects and less rock sounding drums would help a lot. If you are wanting to go to the electronica side, try putting effects on the drums that you normally would not on a rock track.

The track could also benefit from effects like reversed sounds and weird delays or reverbs that come out of no where.

This was the sort of snare that I was thinking about

Here are some of the style of drums that I was thinking about

especially around 3:20 into the track

What about the forests? This track has some cool drum glitches that I think work well for ambient.


Feel free to ask questions and get more feedack. This was my degree in college so I have some knowledge that I like to give out to the brothers who are making their own tracks.

Hope this helps