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@Matthew J. Bentley wrote:

I as well have put this in a mix on my website called “Home.” It was a present for a girl that I was in love with at the time, and the theme of the mix was home. So I stuck it in there as it was a song that I had in my library called, “Home.” If this causes anybody to stumble in their relationship with Christ, I will remove the mix from my website immediately. However, if I don’t hear from anyone, it will remain on my website. I can support this with scripture too, if needed.

As someone who has struggled with sexual immorality, I can tell you that the pain lies deep within. It’s something that only surfaces as the worst of times. Sexual sin is so ingrained our society today from clothes people wear, to media, and perception of beauty and pedigree that most people who struggle with it don’t even realize it and if they do, and don’t realize it when songs like “not going home” is played that it is feeding their habitual sin leading them away from Christ.

What I’m am getting at is that if you feel that any song or aspect of what represents you could in any way cause anyone to stumble in the relationship with Christ, I can tell you from experience on the other end that we need all the help we can get. We need to unite as brothers in Christ to rid of anything and everything that causes us or our brothers to stumble.