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It’s an outdoor boot camp (fitness boot camp). There are a bunch in the bay area at various major parks already. The idea is that you provide a really hardcore fitness boot camp experience much more motivating and exciting than just going to the gym (and hence you can charge more than gym memberships). At the same time you will get middle aged moms and dads that just want to work at their own pace and you allow them to do that as well.

Like I said there are already other boot camps that have shown proven success, but several of them don’t even seem very “serious,” i.e. run by soccer mom types as part time jobs, stuff like that. Well Martin and I are both SUPER serious on this, and given the fact that I’ve been running a martial arts school for years, I feel I have the perfect arsenal to knock this out of the park with him. We’ll be able to do some cool things that none of the other boot camps offer, like mix in light self defense training into certain camps, and offer quarterly martial arts seminars, womens self defense seminars, stuff like that. We’re shooting for the Danville/San Ramon region of the bay area at an extremely high traffic/high visibility park, in a very affluent city/neighborhood. We’re both really keeping it in prayer that the LORD blesses this because it just might be awesome.