Re: From the Mute

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if i may say.. i think its a lil to clean (as in not distorted) and slow for speedcore. some work to do it mate :) sounds good but i miss the speed and the ruff beats :) pump it up a little :)

ere a lil sample :P it aint to hard really ;)


260 bpm :) rougher kicks due to distortion.. bit heavier use of crashes :) (love the 909 hehehehe) random vocals :)

might aswell add another edit muhahaha :) the thing that ‘slows down’ your track is the use of your percussion.. your using delay on your kicks as i hear it? overall its not bad really but your hihats and such are like slowing your track down. from my point i’d say rattle your snares nd hats to a steady rate thats fastens the track massive. Speedcore aint a happy style mate :P its ment to raise up that heartbeat.. your track doesnt really :) might sound harsh :p gotta say.. even the sample ive placed (bit more to show off the use of crash/hat rate) aint to right on the speed example. i’d prolly speed it up to bout 300 if i were to continu wif the sample i’ve put to make it sound proper speedy :)

anyway.. keep working on it ;) if ya get anything proper done i’d might consider releasing it if ya interrested :)