Re: FSOW 3 – Official discussion thread

Avatar of dancebreaker

I am soooo terribly excited about this event. It’s going to be so amazing. This is my first FSOW and after learning about it, GodsDJs, and all of the pure-hearted work that goes into this ministry, I really think this event is going to shake the edm world. This is the start to many great things. Between all of the great people that will be there, the music, the worship, and all of the great things I’m sure DJ Rodimus is planning, this event is going to impact us all.

I will be there early as well,(flying in Wednesday the 25th in the am) spending every waking moment either setting up for the event, or sitting in anticipation of it. I would love to get in touch with anyone who will be in the area. 646.770.4994

One last thing, we need to tell anyone and everyone about this event. If they don’t know about FSOW or GodsDjs we need to tell them just how blessed we are to share this love for edm and God together. If they do know about the event, then we need to share with them our faith and enthusiasm for it. Once they see what we see, they won’t be able to deny! (good metaphor huh?)