Re: FSOW 3 – Official discussion thread

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I wanted to offer any services needed to help break down the set after FSOW III and otherwise clean up the church afterwards. I am also living in Rochester at the moment so I wanted to offer any rides to and from places that are reasonably related to volunteer/ministry work.

DJ Rodimus and wife seem to be putting so much into this I couldn’t help but sacrifice as much as possible. ( That and I want to help anyway. lol)

Assuming that the turnout is on the massive side was wondering if you all were going to be able to sell energy drinks and bottled water to recoup some of your costs?

If so wanted to offer to shuttle in any extra cases if needed. Knowing Nate this is already handled and under control but thought of it anyway.

We used to do by ok by buying a few cases as needed for our massives in PDX if people kept entering.

Seeing as are guests will not be on Methylendioxyamphetamine I was thinking bar b q food outside for them as well!

Was also going to suggest no re-entry. This is also assuming large turnout.

How hot does it get in there? Fans?

OF course my fantasy is that the place is Jam packed and you let overflow go to an emergency outdoor electro breaks tent area with extension cords running out the door of the building.

Oh and I wish we could have the Lounge Church guy flown in too but then again the budget has got to be maxed out with alll the DJs and gear.

As you can see I am full of ideas and anticipation about this ministry dance thing.

Thank you all and GOd bless.