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hey man, sorry the order has already been placed. and i have to be honest guys, the hoodies killed us.

even though i got the cheaper ones still with shipping from the factory to the printer then to me we are going to be losing about $50 bucks on this whole order instead of making money which was the whole point of doing shirts. we were trying to raise money for the site and it kinda back fired… (not anyone’s fault but mine for not figuring $$$) correctly.

anyway, the shirts should be at my house in a day or two and I will send them out right away. most of you guys should have them by christmas but those overseas probably won’t.

this will probably be the only time we do hoodies due to the insane costs….fyi the hoodies ended up costing over 50 bucks each (including shipping) but thats my fault for not figuring this out and i’ll have to eat the cost on it. the good news is the print came out really good on the test shirt so everyone is getting a nice shirt (-: