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@Digital Aura wrote:

Why… where is your gear? How did you do this?

I love this track..it’s shaping up great! Left some comments more specific to the track itself over at soundcloud. PEace! ;)

Right now, Im using FL Studio and the computer Im using cant handle the program very well, so mostly what I hearing when I get into the song (with a decent amount of layers) is static. I have to keep rendering the song to actually hear it so I can make changes to it. Its bad.

I have an external drum machine (in SF right now), a Juno106 (needs cleaning), and the computer issues go on and on. I lost a bunch of my software stuff about 5 months ago and havent recovered yet. In good time I suppose. I have been lucky to be getting realy busy in the DJ department so I have been much more focused and that aspect right now.

Thank you for the comments on soundcloud! The track actually has basically no melody, its all C and a few minors thrown in. I want to work and that breakdown and really make it something that sounds epic. So your comments helped me a lot, thanks man!