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Yes that will work for a setup. Long as you see using cds a good bit, other than that, getting an analog/midi mixer is almost overkill. Since you’re using cd turntables then that would be fine. By the looks of the video, one turntable would do all four but make it difficult and somewhat lop-sided. I would consider getting two. I would map the controls of the mixer to the mixing and effects section of Traktor and then one turntable can do the controls of decks 1/3 and other for 2/4. Then still be able to play cds off both decks and any other audio sources.

Only thing is how the mixer handles midi. Can you switch from it to the audio part on any channel or is it on all the time? If its on all time, then you may find yourself getting an Audio 8 DJ so you can route all four Traktor decks to your mixer and mixing from there.

I use a Ecler NUO4 for mixing and it has three channels of midi and two can be switched between midi and audio.

Other than that, setup looks good.