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@kingd53 wrote:

Thanks for the help DJDUNAMIS.

I agree the DDM4000 might be a bit overkill. Do you know of any 2 channel mixers with good midi mappability? The Ecler NUO4 is no longer available. The new NUO4.0 is not midi compliant (EVO 4 is their new 4 channel midi mixer and it costs a liver, a kidney and 6 pints of blood).

I aim to eventually get 2 x NDX800′s to have a good analog setup with the mixer but wanted to start off learning to play via traktor first so the first NDX800 will be my ‘controller’ to load up tracks on 2 or 4 traktor decks.

I would consider just using a good midi controller and Traktor until you can afford two. Just feel awkward to me only having one to use.

Also on the mixer, take a look at Numark since you like the NDX800, http://www.numark.com/computerdjvj They have couple of mixers that have USB In and Outs on it and you can from what I read, output Traktor to your mixer. Then you’ll be able to mix, level and EQ the signal from Traktor.

Didn’t know about the Ecler mixers. I got my for half of what the EVO4 costs and it does MIDI. Though the EVO4 looks like a better setup for MIDI to me but at one time I’ve thought about downsizing.