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The biggest difference between typhoon & VCI-100 is the price. Also fewer knobs and the build quality is a bit lower on the typhoon.

Charles Ono (VP at Vestax) anwsers questions on the Typhoon compared to the VCI-300 (the -100′s big brother):
Q: Are the jog wheels and soundcard the same quality found on the VCI-300?
A: No; they are different from those on the 300.
Q: Will the buttons and faders feel similar to the VCI-300?
A: They are a little lighter but fairly similar.

The S4 is real pretty! It’s great to see these controllers coming out now. I believe controller-ism is taking DJ’s a step further into the future and I want to start somewhere now to be able to learn the basics. The NS7 and S4 are the end goal. Can’t wait.

Thanks for the advice bro.