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Oh dear, my mind has changed again. I can’t keep up with all the technological advances out there.

I was wondering about a ‘digital – analog’ hybrid setup as in the following, and I could use some advice from the experts:
2 x Numark NDX800 (CD, mp3, USB, MIDI)
1 x Beringer DDM4000 (4 channel analog-digital mixer)
+ Traktor

This would mean I’d be able to use the analog functionality of both the NDX800′s and the DDM4000 to play CD’s and then use the hardware via MIDI with traktor for a ‘digital’ setup.

Question 1: Would this mean I’d also need a soundcard like the NI audio 2 for sound uotput from Traktor?
Question 2: I’ve seen a guy map one NDX800 with Traktor Pro to be able to use all 4 channels with one NDX800. Does this mean that I only would need 1 x NDX800 to use the channels and then the MIDI control from the Beringer to mix the channels in Traktor? I’m trying to limit spending the extra cash initially to get started in Traktor with the 1 NDX800!


Any advice? Alternate system recommendations are welcome.