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Jeremy/djfezzik here, i’m one of the leaders at HeatWorshipHouse in Ottawa.. I met MPH, Radiance, Graphite412, Rodimus and others at Movement/FSOW in Detroit, hi guys!! and I would like to add to MPH’s praise report!

We had about 120 people out to our last event, most were un-churched type people.. we believe God is doing a wonderful thing in that our 2 founders (Tyler & Rachelle) have made connections with most of the leading rave promoters in Ottawa, and talked to them about God on at least one occasion. Despite their un-easiness with organized religion, they support us and even tell everyone to come to our events! So looking forward to this event in November.

MPH, Just a tip – based on the people attending our events (ravers), swinging your set in a more faster/harder direction may be a good option, but no pressure, play the set you feel led to play.

Now the following is a personal request only; Basshunter?