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I’ve been finding some decent psytrance to download that isn’t bad or has foul messages. some artists that have not so good tracks in that aspect have some good clean ones as well. I’m not one to not like an artist just because they have some tracks I don’t like. That also gets into rhetoric on holiness and properness, Godliness etc., of playing certain tracks, artists what have you. I personally don’t have an issue if the particular track is good. Music was made to be enjoyed, and what else can we expect from the world but some good, some bad? relatively speaking. On the other hand if I knew an artist was a devil worshiper/medium/witch etc. I would not play them.

Anyways, if any of you know some good stuff for download, please pass it, not even just psy, but some uptempo stuff that’s not too cheesy. Trying to get an uptempo show together for the raver kids/peoples.

Yes I will work on putting in a Basshunter track haha, though alot of the new stuff I have heard has been kinda lame. Not to mention the hussies in a few vids :lol:

Ah well. Tis what it tis.